Xerox 860 IPS looking for a good home

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Dec 4 15:27:00 2002

> I really hope someone rescues this. It will be worth it. There are
> probably not too many left.

There probably aren't that many left, I can't remember if I've still got
some doc's for one, or if I gave them to Jim Willing. It's a good thing
I've never actually gotten my hands on a physical machine. It wouldn't be
safe with me, I learned to hate them when I updated an entire book on one in
the late 80's (I *SO* prefered MUSE on the Harris Mini, or Word Perfect on my

Still, as much as I hate 860's, it's an interesting machine and worth savin.
So keep it away from me :^)

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