Solaris 2.4

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Date: Wed Dec 4 15:37:00 2002

I have old Sparc Sun machine which I would like to run on Solaris 2.4, not newer. I have Solaris 8 from a few years ago when I paid Sun $75 for CDs but I do not want to run this version or the 2.5 I have from another machine. Does anyone have Solaris 2.4 CDs that they could sell or copy for me? Please note that I am not looking to violate copyright law but I do need to get 2.4 and not some later or earlier version of Solaris. Alternatively, does anyone know anyplace where I could obtain Solaris 2.4? (I have watched Ebay for 6 months without seeing a copy of Solaris 2.4 for sale)

Bradley Slavik
Received on Wed Dec 04 2002 - 15:37:00 GMT

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