SGI GDM-20D11 monitor?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 00:38:32 2002

> I found two SGI "granite" monitors for $5 in a surplus place this
>morning. Does anyone know if these will work with the SGI Indigo?
>(XS-24 video card.) I tried them but I'm not getting any video and
>I'm not sure if these are both bad or if they're even supposed work
>with the Indigo. I checked the SGI and Indigo FAQs and can't find
>anything about exactly what systems the monitors are compatible with.
> Joe

A quick using gdm-20d11 and indigo produced a
number of ads with the items sold together as a working system.

Don't forget sync on green for these monitors.

My guess is that they don't work, as they can be used on a pc with a
cheap adapter and most sellers know they are worth more like $100.
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