SGI GDM-20D11 monitor?

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 00:51:00 2002

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Joe wrote:

> *I don't think the lack of sync on pin 3 indicates a problem. This
> monitor is suppossed to Sync-on-Green. In fact, the lack of sync on 3
> when I boot the computer with the monitor connected may well indicate
> that the computer recognizes that this monitor doesn't use a separate
> sync signal.

It does not indicate a problem. The Indigo outputs composite sync on
green. Later SGI workstations use the 10 non-coaxial pins for monitor type
sense---off the top of my head I don't remember whether the Indigo uses
them or not. If you are not using an SGI cable, it is possible that some
of the data pins are wrapped in an inappropriate way that is confusing the
graphics card.

If you power up the Indigo with no cable attached it should default to
outputting some sane mode (either 1024x768 _at_ 60Hz or 1280x1024 @ 70 Hz,
not sure) that you could then try connecting the monitor after the boot
completes, and see what happens.

> The computer is definitely working. After trying these monitors I
> plugged the video cable into my usual monitor and everything worked
> exactly as it's supposed to.

The video sense logic lies dormant after the X server (graphical login)
starts. From reading your description of the problem, though, I really
doubt this is the problem. It sure sounds like there's something
pear-shaped with the monitor.

> I was wondering, if I use a logic pulser and pulse the green input on
> the monitor will it generate random garbage on the screen? Any
> thoughts on that?

I doubt it will work, as the monitor will not exit power-save until it
receives a valid sync signal.

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