My first good find!!!

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 13:44:01 2002

Peter Turnbull wrote:
> I have a spare D780C with a 1983 date code. Mail me off-list if you
> want it.
That would be great - how much would postage be?
I don't suppose you've got any spare 2114 RAMs as well, have you? I think
the RAMs in my Ace may have died when I slipped with the PSU cable (oops).

> I think the original may have been socketed. It was common to socket
> thingss like MPUs, ROMs, etc, in those days, but the 1984 date code
> sounds late -- I think the Ace came out in 1982.
I was speaking from memory there - I've just had another look at the CPU and
it's got a 1982 date code, the Ace PCB is dated 1983 (if that's a date and
not a serial number).

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