My first good find!!!

From: Peter Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 14:47:00 2002

Hi, Phil.

On Dec 5, 19:46, Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Peter Turnbull wrote:
> > I have a spare D780C with a 1983 date code. Mail me off-list if you
> > want it.
> That would be great - how much would postage be?

Not much, it would go in a jiffy bag with sime AS foam.

> I don't suppose you've got any spare 2114 RAMs as well, have you? I think
> the RAMs in my Ace may have died when I slipped with the PSU cable

I have a spare pair, maybe more. How many do you need?

But if you've killed it with low-voltage-that's-more-than-five volts,
chances are you've fried some TTL. The NMOS will survive moderate
overvoltage better than the TTL will, so you might have a bit of work on
your hands.

This might cost you a trip to the O2 shop ;-)

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