OpenVMS VAX hobbysit CD

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 23:01:00 2002

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Curt Vendel wrote:

> I've got a set of the CD's (19 in total), but I need a license, I've
> emailed several local DECUS groups to join, none respond, anybody have
> a hobby license they wish to share?

It's a two step process. If you're in the US, first you have to get
your Encompass membership <>. There's a free
membership option available; well, it's free except for the bit of your
soul you give to HP's marketing folks. After some number of days they
mail a membership id. Then you wander over to the OpenVMS hobbyist site
<> with your id to redeem it for
valuable prizes! Or at least a set of hobbyist license codes.

Technically, or I guess legally, you're not supposed to share your
license with anyone.

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