Psion PDAs (was Re: Modern replica/implementation of a dumb terminal?)

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Dec 5 23:11:01 2002

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Andreas Freiherr wrote:

> I am excellently equipped: for comparison, a spreadsheet including two
> different graphical representations and a listing of daily stock rates
> for three different papers over the course of a year takes about 50kB on
> the 3mx. This includes the formulas to calculate values for sample
> accounts (one account per paper) for each day.

That's the wonderful thing about Psion software. It is so devoid of
bloat, which is a welcome diversion from the daily travails of dealing
with a Microscoff dominated world.

> > * Actually, in the movie Executive Decision with Steven Seagal (the only
> > one he's in where his character dies) and Kurt Russell, the terrorist on
> > the plane is using a Psion 3a as the remote bomb control :)
> I vaguely remembered having seen such a scene. That's where it was? -
> Thanks for the pointer! (However, I prefer other applications!)

They show a close-up of the Psion serveral times. There's a graphical
application on the screen that shows which of the actuator pins of the
bomb detonator are activated. Whoever tracks this stuff can add that to
the list of classic machine movie appearances.

> Opera was not the original Web browser from Psion, but you could
> download and install an EPOC version of Opera from their Web site.
> Unfortunately, both browsers refused "https:", so I still have to boot
> the PC for home banking. No "mobile banking" yet ;-)

Yes, that was one disadvantage that I experienced, though I can't remember
what website it was that I couldn't connect to because of that.

> Should I ever need another PDA, it may well be Linux-based, especially
> if it can do ssh instead of Telnet and IPsec with TCP/IP. I keep my
> fingers crossed for your fixing the device and installing the O/S!

I definitely need SSH if/when cheap wide-area wireless access (i.e.
Ricochet [RIP]) returns to the Silicon Valley. I no longer have telnet
ports open on my server due to little punks who go around vandalizing
servers because they are stupid and lame.

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