UK electronic scrap prices.

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Date: Fri Dec 6 01:23:01 2002

I don't know UK prices but they should be similar to the US. Scrap prices are
similar world over in the developed countries.

In the US, if it is bulky, without many circuit cards the value ranges from 5
cents per pound (motor breakage, must have copper content) (like power
supplies) to 16 cents per pound (Aluminum breakage - mixed Aluminum and other
metals) (like hard drives or computer gear with aluminum cabinets) it is sold
& bid price is calculated by weight.

Aluminum and heavy copper can raise values, especially if they are easy to

Heavy circuit cards (with relays or metal bracing) are 10 cents to 40 cents
per pound.

Poor circuit cards (Like recent PC stuff) 0 to 20 cents.

Medium circuit cards (DEC, DG & stuff from the 80s) $1.00 per pound

Good cards like (Intel multibus I - 70s, early 80s - lots of black chips,
gold chips, old silicon chips.) $1.50 - $2.00 per pound

Gold plated cards (like HP) $3.50 per pound & up (depends on age)

Cards have to be complete with edge connectors and all chips.

Gold chips alone are $8.00 to $20 per pound and sometimes more, especially
for old military.

Old gold pin backplanes are worth $20 to $50 and up

Good (25 pins in a 25 shell) clipped connectors $2.50 per pound.

This is what the scrap dealer is going to look as bidding figures. There are
deductions for problems related to the bulk of the lot (do you have to rent a

Call a scrap dealer that is not going to bid on the lot and ask the prices
for Motor Breakage, Aluminum Breakage, Medium circuit cards and heavy circuit
cards. Also the price of Aluminum scrap, cleaned (this means all iron,
including screws, removed) Much of the value in electronic scrap is in the a
luminum and how easy it is to get out.

Someone else will have to convert to British Pounds.

Good luck and what is the stuff?
Astoria, OR

Ps You can contact me directly if you want help trying to figure out the
scrap value of the lot. I am not going to bid on it. Do you have pictures?
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