KIMplement for the C64

From: J.C.Wren <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 07:28:00 2002

I presume this would run under an emulated C64 under Windows or Linux?


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I've threatened to do it and so I did. This is The Incredible KIMplement, a
partial emulation of the KIM-1, entirely in software, for the stock

This isn't a joke.

It has a full software 6502 core, which works by distilling opcodes down
into "safe" equivalents and running those natively to reduce the work it
has to do. All memory access is trapped and abstracted. The 6502-on-6502
is machine-independent and hopefully I can use it to do tricks like
virtual memory, protected memory and interruptable/restartable instructions.

The emulator includes LED emulation, 6502 emulation (NMOS documented
instructions only), SST emulation, keypad emulation, and even supports an
emulated TTY. No interval timers yet, but I'm working on it (the ROMs have
been trapped so they don't need them).

Revision E ROMs are built-in. Hope no one still asserts the rights ...

Thanks to Jim Butterfield and Peter Jennings, I've also included Lunar
Lander, Addition, Key Train, Sort (all from First Book of KIM) and the
original Microchess as a separate download. Beware of Microchess; on the
emulator running on a stock C64 in Normal mode, it will take about 30
minutes to compute a move! :-)

In the future, I want to use that software core to make a proper OS for the
C64 (or Commodore One). The 6502 has gone too long without a proper MMU.

Let me know what you guys think,

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