Fortran for Humans Book?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 11:25:01 2002

"Bill Sudbrink" <> wrote:
> In high school, we used what I think was called _The_FORTRAN_Coloring_Book_
> (wasn't that what it was called Frank?). That's not the same thing is it?

No, that's a different book from _FORTRAN For Humans_.

Funny, I only remember boring data processing text books, like the one
that told us how to use a keypunch and how to interpret punched cards,
an important skill when I got to U of Maryland and found that the 029
keypunches in the basement of the CS building often did not have fresh
ribbons. (Bill and I attended the same high school, where there was
an HP 3000 Series II (upgraded to a Series III in 1980 I think) for
administrative and academic use.)

But then I might not have paid a FORTRAN text much attention, having
picked that up when we were supposed to be learning BASIC and being
more interested at that time in SPL/3000.

-Frank McConnell
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