Spamproofing the Archives

From: Adrian Vickers <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 15:16:00 2002

At 20:34 06/12/2002, Jeffrey Sharp wrote:

>Current idea on spamproofing the archives:
>[0] Every email address in the archives is replaced with a shortened form.
> For instance:
> -> user_at_d...

I like that idea.

>[1] The shortened address is link to a CGI script like this:
> The script generates a page that asks the user to type in a specific
> string to prove they're human. The query string above is the email
> address with some some simple sort of encryption.

I'd suggest an MD5 hash code - it's not necessarily unique, although that
shouldn't be a problem, and it's non-reversable.

>Surely this is enough to defeat address harvesters. Does anyone see any
>problems with this?

Looks good to me. I'd personally prefer the mailto link wasn't (i.e. just a
plaintext address for the user to cut'n'paste), but the solution as
proposed works for me.
Cheers, Ade.
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