OpenVMS VAX hobbysit CD

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Fri Dec 6 16:35:00 2002

>I believe he meant 'unlimited users' not 'use'.

PAKs are limited in several ways (not all of which are
used in practice). One typical way was that each PAK would
grant a certain number of "units" for a given product. So
using the FORTRAN compiler on a relatively slow MicroVAX 3900
series box might require say 500 units, while using the
same compiler on a VAX 7000-860 might require
perhaps 10000 units (I'm making up the numbers ...).

Later on, some products switched to activity based licences.
In the above example 500 units allows you as many concurrent
FORTRAN compilations as your MicroVAX can stand. With activity
based licences, your FORTRAN compilation on a certain platform
might eat up 100 activity units so with a 500 activity licence
you could run 5 FORTRAN compiles simultaneously.

Then there were user-based licences ...

In short, it appears that the hobbyist licences are limited
only in time (they expire after a year) but will work without
restriction on both your MicroVAX I and your AlphaServer GS320
during that year.

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