AS/400 troubleshooting?

From: Adrien 'freddy' Farkas <Adrien.Farkas_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri Dec 6 17:19:01 2002

r. 'bear' stricklin ( wrote :

> It would help to know what model of AS/400 you have.

Hmm, the problem is that I don't know what model that is. On the box there
is nothing that might help to identify the model type, the only thing I know
is that it was a little one (the smallest and narrowest) model with added
storage expansion (which makes it twice as wide).

> I think you must have reconnected it to a different place than before. The
> AS/400 console is expected at twinax port 0 address 0. If you didn't put
> the terminal back on port 0, it won't be the console, and if the system
> doesn't finish coming up, nothing will display anywhere other than the
> console terminal.

hmmm, I definitely didn't change any connections, it's connected to twinax
port 0 on the as/400 and enters _left_ part of the Y-cable on the 3477

I'm dumb in all the IPL and other AS/400 basics, so I don't want to bother you
with dummy questions. if there is any place to read about this, please point
me to it so we can talk on another level, not 'do this, do that'.

> Are there any diag codes indicated on the front panel?

when it worked, the IPL set was 'B N', which seemed to be 'disk' and 'normal
boot'. I tried perhaps all the combinations of ABCD and NM, but nothing
really worked for me. when selecting some IPL and powering on the box,
different addresses (?) appear on the LCD front panel. the left LED (the green
one) flashes in quite a random manner (loading something?), but there is
nothing on the console.

perhaps seems to be a console problem... perhaps. if you know the 3477
terminal, can you tell me all the requiered settings? one/two display, unit
numbers etc etc, I'd be really thankful!

thanks in advance,
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