AS/400 troubleshooting?

From: Adrien 'freddy' Farkas <Adrien.Farkas_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri Dec 6 18:40:01 2002

Adrien 'freddy' Farkas ( wrote :

> > Those addresses are the diag codes I was inquiring after. What are the
> > last ones you see?
> C6004260 seems to eb the last code shown, now the green LED flashes (quite
> quickly), nothing on the LCD and 3477 changed for 15minutes...

correction, booting resumed, passed throug rest of C600xxxx codes, moved on
to C900xxxx and finished with C9002C30, after which 'display selected IPL -
"01 B N"' function appeared and remained there. this should already be
booted (seems to me), however terminal is still blank with no login prompt
asking me to enter the system.

I can even telnet to the system, however I get 'Connection to an AS/400 host
system ended because no NVT device description is available.', but this
seems to be another part of the story...

well, looks like my beautiful 3477 is broken :-/
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