Wire wrapping

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to>
Date: Fri Dec 6 22:49:00 2002

>"Dwight K. Elvey" wrote:

> Like any skill, it takes practice. You want to feed the
> free end of the wire through the side that doesn't have
> the stripper on it. You then push the wire into the
> groove with a finger nail. If done correctly, you won't
> have a bend in the wire at the stripper and the wire
> will not break when you strip it.
> You'll find that the spool/stripper unit have the same
> problem. The only strippers I've ever found that worked
> well on wire wrap were those ones that looked like
> small pliers and had white plastic shells that would
> guide the wire onto stripper blades. I'm not sure who
> sells these as they were units I picked up at a surplus
> store.

Jerome Fine replies:

Experience is the key - after about 6 wire wraps you should
be able to do the job reasonably well, although speed will
probably take a bit longer.

As for stripping the wire, I have found that an ordinary
wire stripper to do the job quite well. I set the size for
the wire gauge. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments.

I usually like to start with a wire that is the correct length
and bare about 3/4" at both ends. For some reason I
don't understand, I usually find that it is faster and much
more straightforward to first strip 1 1/2" of wire at one end
of the wire while it is STILL attached to the spool. I then
cut the wire from the spool at the correct overall size plus
about 1/4". The last 1/4" is then (usually) easily stripped.
Most of the time, the insulation can be centered on the
total length by holding the 1/4" end with a needle nose
pliers - not including the extra 1/4" which is often made flat
by the needle nose pliers - while the other hand gently
guides the insulation into its middle position. The last
1/4" is probably best removed at this point.

The actual wire wrap with a piece that is the correct size
is rarely difficult.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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