YARC Systems transputer board

From: Thilo Schmidt <thilo.schmidt_at_unix-ag.uni-siegen.de>
Date: Sat Dec 7 17:37:00 2002

Hi Bernd,

On 05-Dec-2002 Bernd Kopriva wrote:
> Today i've added a YARC Systems transputer board to my little IBM-AT
> coprocessor card collection :-)
Ah, I saw this board on Ebay... :-)

> Unfortunately, there was no documentation and software included ...
> ... and YARC Systems seems to be out of business for at least 2 years ...
This is a common problem with transputer based hardware...
> Does anyone have documentation/software for that little beauty ?
No, but most PC-Transputer-Boards where compatible to the
Inmos B004 interface.
On Ram's Transputer Homepage you should find a lot of software for
this interface (http://www.classiccmp.org/transputer)

I'm writing a Linux based development environment for transputers.
Currently only the B004 driver and the assembler are operational.
If you find any useful information regarding the interface of your
board I would be very interested...

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