The Secret Weapons of Commodore 11th edition

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Dec 7 18:14:00 2002

After far too long, the long-overdue 11th edition of the Secret Weapons of
Commodore, cataloguing rare, unusual and unreleased Commodore hardware, has
been released.

Here are the highlights:

New entries:
        the VIC-40 (thanks Mike Stein),
        the SX-500 (thanks Dale Luck),
        TOI and the Colour PET (now separate entries, thanks Mike Stein),
        the TT13 (thanks Riccardo Rubini),
        the Canadian Plus/4,
        the Swedish PET 3032 (thanks Peter Karlsson),
        the German C64 (thanks Markus Mehring),
new pictures:
        complete views of Dave Haynie's NTSC 116 prototype (thanks Ray
        enhanced portrait and port views of the 128DLs (thanks Bo Zimmerman),
        views of the 1565 and mainboard (thanks Bo),
        the 3000H light rifle (thanks Lee Rayner),
        the Colour PET prototype (thanks Bo),
        the Gold VIC (maybe?) (thanks Bo),
        the Commodore 65 burn-in board and widget board (thanks Moise Sunda),
        the Commodore thermostat in the flesh! (thanks Joe Torre),
        comparison 116 keyboard shots (thanks Ray),
        better C65 mainboard/ports/portrait photographs (thanks Moise),
        C65 PSU images (thanks Moise *again*),
        higher resolution pictures of the CHESSmate,
        a proper DX-64 portrait,
        a better 3008 portrait (thanks Tiziano),
        a colour view of the HHC-4 (Bo) and the VIC-TV (Bo encore),
        a real SFS 481 (thanks Antonio Pagliaro),
        SX-100 faceplate (thanks Bo),
        views of the SX-500,
        the TT13 (thanks Riccardo);
Fred Bowen's big ideas for the 65, the 600s seem to be the same as the B500s,
the HHC-4 might be more similar to the Panasonic HHC than previously thought,
the Lorraine pictures are actually of an early developer prototype (thanks
Dale Luck), CCR has a scale too (thanks Mike Shartiag), more SFX
history (thanks Richard Atkinson), TOI is not the same as the Colour PET
(thanks Mike Stein), the 6562/3 was likely not in TOI (thanks Mike Stein),
the 65 widget and burn-in boards (thanks Moise), the 7601 is the CPU in the
TVG series, plus some great notes on its internal architecture (thanks Lee
Rayner), the SX was the first colour portable computer, additional history on
the 116 and 364 (thanks Dave Haynie), the SX TV tuner package?, more Magic
Voice history and architecture explanation, the 116 was
designed by Commodore Japan (thanks Dave Haynie), custodial link repair,
various smaller changes.

In addition, on the main page, the modification date of all pages is now
automatically tracked to make finding new changes and entries easier.


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