PDP11 chips on ebay

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Sat Dec 7 19:13:01 2002

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Thom Restivo wrote:

> Eric, I saw your post about the chips on ebay, and your right... the seller
> (me) didn't know you could get a working cpu board for $25. The only prices
> I could find on these chips online were from retailers and they listed them
> much higher. So I took a chance at $55. I value your opinion and that of
> others on the forum. Thank you for setting me straight. Do you know of a
> source that might help me with pricing?

About the best method I've found is setting the selling price at $1 (or
maybe $10 or $20 for large/valuable items), and maybe set a B-I-N price
for what I'd like to be able to get for it. If there's interest in the
item, bidders will generally bid it up to it's 'eBay value'.

If there's anything there that looks interesting (like another PDP-8), of
course I'd be willing to tell you a reasonable price you could sell it to
me for ;-).

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