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From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 14:29:01 2002

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Brian Chase wrote:

> Well, it's certainly a reasonable price to pay if you're the US military
> and you need one of these. What I want to know, and this is perhaps
> ignorance on my part of how this works wrt to these sorts of things,
> exactly what are these boxes doing up for grabs on the free market in
> Dubai?

   "Free market" is a conjecture - there is a huge US military presence in
the Gulf, and has been for many years. Stuff gets surplused every day...
it is possible that these systems are sitting on a base somewhere, or were
purchased by the original poster and are in his warehouse there... who
knows? Its not like you're walking down the crowded market street and
suddenly come upon a stack of US Mil Computers on a blanket next to the
piles of dried chillies and freshly fried lizard-kabobs... ;}

>I mean, assuming for a moment that these are systems which could
> be used as spares for gear in service--thereby justifying the quoted
> price--how exactly would they end up NIB in non-US gov't hands to be
> offered for sale?

  Anyone who has worked in or been around the Surplus Business (as I have)
can tell you that critical Stuff ends up being surplussed all the time...
and I personally have handled several deals where the Gummint bought back
items that were sold by mistake, or were found to be neede later on.

> I guess that'll partly be dependent on exactly what these systems are
> supposed to do, and maybe they're fairly common gear.

  This is also true - I was just using them as a hypothetical example. In
reality, I have no idea what one is for...


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