wire wrap strippers

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Date: Sun Dec 8 16:04:00 2002

> > Personally, I find the T-strippers to be the best tool.
> > http://www.crawfordtool.com/wirestrippers.html
> See http://www.idealindustries.com/ht/WireStrippers.nsf
> While I've never used the smaller size tools, I buy only t-strips for work
> > --John
> Bob

I liked the adjustable strippers develop a feel for "bite" and skip
the adjustment. Can do that without nicking that wire. I haven't
bought new one yet because this one I have is crappy and doesn't
know of decent quality tools. :-)

I once saw on factory electronics assembly tape, a assembler held say
large cap with untrimmed legs thru circuit board and inserts the
tool's barrel down that wire w/ barrel end snug against circuit board
and squeeze handle. This snips and crimps over one lead at a time by
hand-power. When done "loose" components is secure and ready for
soldering process. Looks like pistol style.

Where can I find THAT tool and what it is called?

Oh, don't a tool exists to unbend those bent over leads while melting
solder with normal solder iron at same time?


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