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> I once saw on factory electronics assembly tape, a assembler held say
> large cap with untrimmed legs thru circuit board and inserts the
> tool's barrel down that wire w/ barrel end snug against circuit board
> and squeeze handle. This snips and crimps over one lead at a time by
> hand-power. When done "loose" components is secure and ready for
> soldering process. Looks like pistol style.
> Where can I find THAT tool and what it is called?

Variously known as a "cut and clench" tool or "cut and squeeze" pliers.
 Prices for basic pressed steel versions are as low as ten pounds.

Take a look at Farnell's website, www.farnell.com, and look up catalogue
numbers 147-210 (low cost cut-and-squeeze) and 441-077 (form and crop,
pistol style -- a mere UKP55).

> Oh, don't a tool exists to unbend those bent over leads while melting
> solder with normal solder iron at same time?

My Weller soldering gun came with a tool with aluminium ends, one end
forked to grab component leads while the solder is molten. It wouldn't be
hard to make one (but don't make the whole body out of aluminium or you'll
burn your fingers!).

Farnell 145-462 is similar, but not (IMHO) as good as my Weller one.

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