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> > > Variously known as a "cut and clench" tool or "cut and squeeze" pliers.
> > > Prices for basic pressed steel versions are as low as ten pounds.
> >
> > They have various alternative names, which can't be used on a 'family'
> > mailing list like this one. Such names are used by the poor hackers who
> > have to remove the components again :-)
> Particularly the type that squeeze the component lead to make it twice as
> thick :-)

That's not one I saw. That's crushing! :-( That's best served to
crush idiot's electronics designer's fingers.

That tool I talked about simply snips the lead then bent over
securing component to PCB prior to soldering all in one squeeze of

Oh, other tool is called lead forming prior to installation
especially for resistors etc. That what I do not have in mind

I repair electronics daily and having to securing and removing
components, having those tools is a big saving time if I can find

Especially when having to replace multiple components in one shot.

For example, in RCA CTC203 chassis, I must replace 3 transistors &
resistor (unique 43ohm) if SMPS blew out when horizontal transistor
dies. Thanks goodness SMPS blow ups is occasional event. HOT blew
fairly more often than SMPS if customer didn't bring tv in asap
because of inductor's bad solder joint (L14401) caused by hot glue at
factory when populating PCB and securing certain components with hot
glue. (1) Most common if none of those blew before I get my
hands on them is 1 minute fix for no pix/good audio by resolder that
inductor. Then tv is good as new.

That inductor is always 6.8uH coil wround 1 layer around small round
ferrie bar secured w/ two red drops. This is placed in between HOT
base and the horizontal transformer driver. Not all other makers do
this. This cause me to wonder what reasons for using a inductor

85/10/5 is ratio of percentages on unblown simple resolder inductor
versus blown hot but good SMPS as compared to both blown.



1. Happened to my CTC185 tv because inductor L4401 solder joint went
bad due to glue too this blew HOT & pass chopper regulator, few bits.
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> Pete Peter Turnbull
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