VAX wanted in Bristol, UK

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Sun Dec 8 21:18:00 2002

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, John Honniball wrote:

> Just heard from a friend that he's interested in a VAX, and he's
> based near here in north Bristol. Anybody know of a suitable
> machine?

Given that "suitable" is a qualitative sort of term, it might be useful
to have a few more details. How much physical space and electricity
does he have available? How heavy of a VAX would he consider to be
/too/ heavy? These are all important questions! Now I'm sure a wee
little VAXstation 2000 or 3100 would be convenient, but perhaps some
of his suitability requirements are that it be a big bulky system, one
which would leave a lasting impression on the ladies. Though hopefully
not as a result of the system tipping over and onto them.

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