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Date: Mon Dec 9 02:16:00 2002

On Dec 8, 22:06, Christopher McNabb wrote:
> Does anyone have a list of the IOT instructions (and what they do) for
> the TD8E simple dectape controller?

67x1 SDSS Simple DECtape skip on Single Line flag
                skip if Single Line flag is set

67x2 SDST Simple DECtape Skip on Time Error flag
                skip if Time Error flag is set

67x3 SDSQ Simple DECtape Skip on Quad Line flag
                skip if Quad Line flag is set

67x4 SDLC Simple DECtape Load Command Register
                load Command Register from AC
                clear Time Error
                start UTS delay if UNIT, DIRN, or STOP/GO flip-flops
                are changed

67x5 SDLD Simple DECtape Load Data Register
                load Data Register from AC -- do not clear AC
                clear Single Line and Quad Line flags

67x6 SDRC Simple DECtape Read Command Register
                load contents of Command Register, Mark Track Register,
                and Status bits into AC
                clear Single Line and Quad Line flags

67x7 SDRD Simple DECtape Read Data Register
                load contents of Data Register into AC
                clear Single Line and Quad Line flags

Unit numbers:

        Unit 0,1 use opcodes 677x
        Unit 2,3 use opcodes 676x
        Unit 4,5 use opcodes 675x
        Unit 6,7 use opcodes 674x

This is on page 8-4 of the PDP-8 Maintenance Manual, Vol.3, which you can
get from David Gesswein's excellent website.

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