AN/UYK-20X(V) and AN/UYK-44(V) a different^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H CHEAPER aspect:

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Dec 9 14:21:00 2002

   I don't know about the rest of you but I can't afford $24k for a computer! So for the rest of us I have five UYK-20(V)s and two UYK-44(V)s. These were built by Sperry-Rand and both have core memory and I think both are militarized versions of the Sperry Univac. IIRC there are eight large core memory boards in the UYK and 4 or 8 large modules of core memory in the UYK-44. A number of people E-mailed when I mentioned these a month or two ago and said they wanted one if I was ever able to get them. I finally was able to pick them up this morning and they're now at a warehouse in Sanford, Florida (a dammed site closer than Dubai!) They have minor damage from being surplused (dirty, bent switches, scratched paint, etc) and the top cover plate is missing from one of them. All of them are complete AFIK and all the connectors appear to be intact. There are no accessories, manuals OR WARRANTY. I'll contact everyone individually that previously asked me about them as soon as I get them loaded onto pallets and get
 the weights. They're now at an industrial warehouse and I have a forklift available to load them onto a truck. These WILL need to go by truck. I found the weight on one and it said 205 pounds. I think I remember the weight on the other as 165 pounds. That is without a pallet, crate, packing or padding so it will be higher before they're ready to travel. I'm open to offers on the price ($24k would be nice, hint, hint! :-)

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