new acquisition: an 11/73 running RSX-11 v4.6 and a question on cihper tapes & CDC SMD disks/controllers

From: David HM Spector <>
Date: Mon Dec 9 21:04:37 2002

Ah! OK.. the number in these drives is PA5A1A ... any idea of their
capacity and what controller I would need to make'm go..?

On Saturday, Dec 7, 2002, at 02:28 America/New_York, Will Jennings

> Actually, the 7-whatever number sounds like a CDC part number... if
> they are FSDs, there will be, somewhere on the label, a model number
> of PAxxx, if either of you find one of these legends, let me know
> because I have most of the FSD manuals... Blah on ditching SMD for
> SCSI, if anything I want MORE SMD disks, though for my Perkin-Elmers,
> not my DECs...
> Will J
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