help: HP r/332 controller

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 10 17:13:00 2002

  I just found one of these in a load of scrap. It appears to be similar to the HP 9000 200 and 300 series computers and uses the same DIO cards but also has a built in CRT and floppy and hard disk drives. It's designed to be rack mounted and it's supposed to have a fold down keybaord but the keyboard is missing on this one. Fortunately the unit uses a HP-HIL keyboard socket so I can plus in a regular HP_HIL keyboard. Has anyone here used one of these? Are they supposed to show a list of installed memory and interfaces when they power up like the 9000 200s do? I'm not getting any display on the CRT but I can see the sweep and retraace lines on the CRT when I turn the brightness all the way up so the CRT is working. The hard drive light illuminates for several seconds then the floppy drive accesses for a split second so the system seems to be working but still don't get any display on the screen.

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