One more screwup with the Ace...

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Dec 10 20:53:00 2002

 I think we've all had a wack at poor Phil.
Hi Phil
 I think the most important thing is to save the board
over saving parts. If you think you've lifted a trace that is a
thru hole( and these are two sided boards ), take a piece
of wire wrap wire through the hole and solder it to the
topside of the board and it goes through the hole.
 Don't solder it in the hole. Make sure that the component
lead will fit through. When you put the part in,
fold the piece of wire down so even if you heat it
enough to melt the solder on the top, it won't
 If the top trace is clearly visible with the lead
in there, you can solder the lead from the top. Use
an Ohm meter to verify that you've made connections
to all the right places.
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