Acquired a PDP11/44, but missing M7095

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Wed Dec 11 00:56:01 2002

On Tue, 10 Dec 2002, Glen S wrote:

> I recently acquired a surplus PDP11/44 (my first real PDP11) and it appears
> that it is in reasonably good condition, but after opening it up to check
> out what modules were installed I realized that it is missing the M7095
> control logic module, one of the 5 core modules that make up CPU. Anyone
> know where I can find one of these at a reasonable price, or have a good
> spare that they care part with?

  Congratulations! Join the Club.... ;}

 A lot of DEC Stuff is listed here ( they also sell on eBay ). shows a M7095 - $25.00

> Also, the keyswitch for the front panel is missing. Anyone know where I can
> find one of those, or is there an easy way to bypass the switch?

  Any barrel key will work... one of mine has flutes, but the other ( a
red plastic one marked 'anti static' has no flutes at all.

> On the plus side a CMD CDU-720/TM SCSI controller was installed so if I get
> the CPU running I hope it won't be too hard to connect it to a SCSI hard
> drive and tape drive.

   Depends on the OS you use, and how you generate the new system.

   Did you get any other peripherals, especially the disk subsystems that
were once attached? Is the console serial cable present? ( a longish
cable terminating in a DB25). Any other I/O cards? Have you powered the
machine on yet? Be careful of the power supply - they're REALLY deadly
with the covers off. ALso be sure the fan deck is running.

  Oh yeah - did you get any Doc with the system... or can you get a copy
of the PDP-11/44 System Technical Manual and the System User's Guide...
these will be most helpful getting the beast to wake up.

  Keep us informed of your progress... there are several /44s up and
running among us.


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