Acquired a PDP11/44, but missing M7095

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Wed Dec 11 01:53:00 2002

>Also, the keyswitch for the front panel is missing. Anyone know where I can
>find one of those, or is there an easy way to bypass the switch?

ACE XX2247, I've heard you should be able to get these from any locksmith.
I've got one key to go between my PDP-8/e, PDP-8/m, and PDP-11/44.

>On the plus side a CMD CDU-720/TM SCSI controller was installed so if I get
>the CPU running I hope it won't be too hard to connect it to a SCSI hard
>drive and tape drive.

Sweet! Any OS that supports MSCP disks and TMSCP tapes should work with
this. BTW, for RT-11 you need a minimum of V5.4 for tape support, I'm not
sure what the minimum versions for other OS's are (I think RSTS/E is V9.x).

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