Acquired a PDP11/44, but missing M7095

From: Glen S <>
Date: Wed Dec 11 13:14:00 2002

The CPU has the 14 slot main backplane and a 9 slot expansion backplane,
connected together with the M9202 jumper card pair. When I first opened the
top the M9202 jumper card was plugged into slots 12 and 14 of the main
backplane. I assume it is really supposed to plug into slot 14 of the main
backplane and slot 1 of the expansion backplane to bridge the two so I moved
it there. The M9302 terminator was in slot 9 of the expansion backplane.

I believe all row D connectors except the empty 10,11,12 memory slots either
had a card installed or had a stubby little card grant card installed. I
didn't pull any of them to see what they were (G727, G7270, G7273?)

> BTW - how many slots / backplanes are curently installed? How many free
>slots? How many BUs Grant cards are in open slots? It is also possible
>that you will need access to the underside of the machine at some time (to
>attach/remove NPR jumpers) so don't mount it where that would be
>difficult, until you have the System stable and configured the way you
>want it.

I did pull the power cord panel off of the back of the power supply and it
looks pretty easy to swap the existing power cable with one with a more
common plug so that's what I'll do after I manage to track down a
replacement M7095 and get to the point of trying to power up the CPU.

> Not too bad - get a 15A plug from any of the Home DIY places or a big
>hardware store. Take off the (should be attached with various screws and
>clamps) existing 20A plug and attach the 15A one. Remember that the the
>Black (hot) wire goes to the Brass terminal, the White (neut) wire goes to
>the Silver terminal, and the Green (gnd) wire goes to the green (or black)
>Ground terminal.
> Your CPU, configured as it is now, will draw maybe 6 or 7 amps from the
>wall at 120V, so you're good to go.

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