dryers was Re: Acquired a PDP11/44, but missing M7095

From: Robert F. Schaefer <rschaefe_at_gcfn.org>
Date: Wed Dec 11 19:12:00 2002

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> Hi
> My drier has a three pin plug, Two hots and one ground,
> No Neutral!
> I would assume that if anyhting ran on 115, it would be
> through a transformer but I think the time is 230V as
> well.

The old style dryer plug was a 30A 240V plug with two hots and a ground.
These are only legal now for replacment of existing installations, and I
expect that to go away shortly too. The new style is the
much-more-safe-yet-oh-so-much-more-expensive-for-some-unknown-reason 5-prong
grounded outlet.

The old style dryers that I've looked at used 120V timers connected between
one hot leg and the chassis ground. It might not live up to the latest and
greatest code, but I was never shocked by one. YMMV.

> Dwight

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