The effects of employment

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Date: Wed Dec 11 20:04:00 2002

        Most likely because of end-of-year budgetting. By laying people before the
first of the calendar year, they can write off the benefits packages, if I
understand this correctly.

        Of course, my idea of high finance is actually getting my checkbook to
balance once a year.


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I'm extremely saddened to hear about Megan's and Ethan's layoffs. Though my
unemployment is ending, I really haven't had a stable, decent-paying job
since July of last year. Trust me, I know how you feel, and I know it
doesn't feel good.

But why would companies pick the holidays of all times to lay people off? It
doesn't make sense. This is the time of year I would guess people spend the
most money. Why rid people of this resource at the time they need it most?
It's just so cruel.

Ethan: While a trip to the South Pacific (SoPac? :-)) might be fun, I would
suggest you save your money (unless you've got lots of it). I've learned it
disappears faster than one would think. On the other hand, a trip elsewhere
might be just the thing to counter the emotional stress caused by being let
go during the holidays.

I give you both my condolences. Good luck.

Jeffrey Sharp
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