Tubes in computers - numbers, please

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Wed Dec 11 21:46:01 2002

  William Donzelli wrote:
> Anyway, if any of you folks have information or samples of old tube based
> computing junk (modules, for example, or old unit-record stuff) - could I
> bother you to tell me what types of tubes were originally installed? I am
> looking for specific numbers, not just "dual triodes".

  I have a few IBM plug-in (?logic?gate?) modules.
  Module Tubes
   AM-5 one tube - 5965(maybe "A") IBM Part# 317261
   CF-503 one tube - 5965
   PW-505 one tube - 7044 IBM P# 124720
   CF-5 one tube - 5965(maybe "A") IBM Part# 317261
   TH511 two tubes, both 5696
              top one IBM Part# 288626
              bottom one IBM Part# 288625

   Computer model number unknown
   And they all look similar to this:
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