BBC Acorn

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 06:34:01 2002

At 08:09 AM 12/12/02 GMT, Peter Turnbull wrote:
>> >From the model number on your machine, I would assume it's a B, but I am
>> not sure.

   It does appear to be a B. It has two rows of (mumble)16 memory chips so it has 32k of RAM.

>I don't need to add much to what Tony has said, except to confirm that what
>you have is indeed (from the model number) a USA Model B. Other (minor)
>differences are things like it accepts American spellings for BASIC
>keywords ("color" vs "colour"),

    That makes sense. I noticed that the ROM containing BASIC is labeled "US BASIC".

    What is "DFS OS"?

    I was surprised to find that it uses an intel 8271 for floppy drive controller.

   It powered up up but isn't recognizing any keys except the BREAK key. I ran it for over an hour then one of the rectangular tantalum filter caps in the PSU blew. Fixing the PSU shouldn't be a problem. Does anyone know what they use for a keyboard interface (if it even uses one)? or if there's any schematics posted anywhere for it?

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