The effects of employment

From: David Woyciesjes <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 08:10:01 2002

Loboyko Steve wrote:
> The converse of the comment below, is that Jan and Feb
> are the best time to get a job. New budgets, new
> projects...etc. I've heard this from several people
> including contracting agencies.

        That's what I'm hoping for. Been out of work since Nov. 1. I am
starting my own little computer shop now, though. Already have one
corporate customer! Ever hear of CTI Electronics
( They make some really neat industrial strength
keyboards and mice. Used in all sorts of military, aerospace, and
ocean-bound ship types of places. Thet also have this really neat
back-lit keyboard that's no bigger footprint than a sheet of paper.
        Ooops, sorry about the rambling ad there... Need more coffee.....

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