Tonight: "Hackers" TV show...

From: Gooijen H <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 08:55:01 2002

Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> > Some material for your VCR...
> > Tonight, Dec. 11th, at 10 PM Eastern time, the TLC cable
> > channel is doing a show titled "Hackers". Supposedly a
> > look at black- and white-hat hackers, and cyber crime.
> > Hopefgully it'll be interesting...
> Isn't the full title, "Hackers: Computer Outlaws"? If so,
> all the old computers in there were provided by me, and the
> guy playing Woz with the Blue Box is Alex of the ACCRC.
> If you look closely, and you know what I look like, you'll
> see a shot or two of me "hacking" in the dark ;)

Even more reasons for any kind US resident person to make an
mpeg of it and make it availbale for all of us poor souls who
do not live in the US. We already miss on all the PDP-11 goodies
that are for pick up on the other side of the ocean.

- Henk.
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