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From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Dec 12 18:44:25 2002

  I was the one that asked about the GenRad 2300 Advanced Developement System. I searched the net and found ONE reference to it. It is a CPM computer but didn't find anything more than that.

At 02:24 PM 12/12/02 EST, you wrote:
>I believe someone asked about this in the last few weeks, but I didn't save
>the message. E-mail, he services them. See

    The 2300 isn't listed on his webpage. Besides I don't need it serviced (and I'm sure I could afford what these third party guys want!) I was just wondering if I should rescue it. Finally decided not to. There's no docs or software and they'd probably be impossible to find. Too bad. Another exotic computer bites the dust.


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