Unibus SCSI question

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Thu Dec 12 20:45:00 2002

> However, PLEASE ask someone who knows about the PDP-11/20
> if the Unibus backplane can take the UC17!!! The Unibus backplane
> sometimes had "interesting" aspects for early models.

Technically speaking, the UC17 doesn't plug into Unibus, but rather
into an SPC slot. A stock 11/20 doesn't have any SPC slots. I don't
think you can install a DD11-C or DD11-D backplane into the 11/20 box
due to the old-style power distribution, but if you run a Unibus cable
to a separate BA11 box with a DD11 backplane, I can't imagine any
reason why the UC17 shouldn't work in it.

In any case, even if there was something funny about the 11/20 Unibus
timing, plugging a UC17 into a DD11-C or -D backplane shouldn't hurt the
UC17 unless there are serious problems with the BA11's power supply.
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