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Date: Fri Dec 13 04:39:00 2002

On Dec 13, 0:57, Tony Duell wrote:

> One you missed (I am not sure if you count it as 3rd party...) is the
> IEEE-FS. It was used with the IEEE-488 interface (which, IIRC, was
> technically a 3rd party product sold by Acorn [1]) and allowed you to
> open 'files' to devices on the IEEE-488 bus, etc.

Yes, it was sold by Acorn, and it was in the official price list. It was
unusual in that it was sold both by Acorn and by the original devloper,
Intelligent Interfaces. The manual says it was developed jointly, so I
imagine that's why. The oldest price list I can lay my hands on quickly is
January 1988, and it lists it at UKP325.00.

> [1] Or at least that's what I was told when I asked a friend of mine who
> worked at Acorn about getting a schematic for this interface. I then
> found the schematics had been published in Wireless World...


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