Interesting Tim O\'Reilly article.

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 13:10:00 2002

[ Trying to put some classiccmp spin on the discussion... ]

> Imagine General Motors, Ford, Toyota or any other car maker
> wanting a cut of the money if you sell your old car to some-
> body else instead of just dropping it into the next landfill.

This reminds me of my biggest complaint about several commercial
Unix offerings in the early 90's - user licensing. "Excuse me, I
can only have X users on my Vax/Alpha?" Alright, maybe some other
non-Unix OSes as well ;^)

The analogy was always to Ford/GM saying, "Yes, you bought our
biggest van with the third row seat, but you may only use the
the front two bucket seats until you pay us Y dollars per year."

Definitely led me to move to systems that didn't have such
silly encumbrances.

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