The Ne[w|utered] HP / Agilent

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 13:47:00 2002

> Their current 16700 series LA mainframes (I have one) still run HPUX
> 10.20 on a PA-RISC CPU with all of the network capabilities of HPUX.

That's because they were designed before Agilent was spun off. It will
be very interesting to see whether then next generation of Agilent logic
analyzers still uses HPUX.

> I agree that I wouldn't want Windows 9x running on an instrument like
> this, but Windows 2000 might not be too bad, as Tek runs on some of their
> current LA mainframes.

Tek started with Windows 98, that's what runs on ours. From my point
of view, Windows brings nothing useful to the party as compared to a
Unix variant; in fact, I think it's substantially less useful because
the application can't be run as an X client. Perhaps it might be possible
to run VNC, but that would still be limited to the resolution of the
logic analyzer's built in display, whereas with the HP analyzers acting
as a X client, I can take advantage of the full resolution of my desktop
system's display, and multiple virtual screens/desktops, etc.
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