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Date: Fri Dec 13 16:15:00 2002

When I had just a record player (sometime back BCE), I had just one
turntable, and one copy of each record. If I wanted to listen to the music
on a record while at work, I could make a cassette tape copy. I wouldn't go
out and buy a second copy of the LP. (The only time I have done that was
when I found a cutout copy of an out-of-print LP that I liked a lot, and
wanted to have a backup copy.) Now we have 4 CD players at home and I have
one in my computer at work. If I want to listen to one of my CDs at work, I
will make a CD copy of the original CD that I own. I have also made CD
copies to have one upstairs and one downstairs. I would not go out and buy a
second copy of any of the CDs if I was unable to make copies -- I would just
ferry originals between home and work. With multiple copies, is my wife
listening to the same one at home as I am listing to at work? Probably not.
Do I have copies of CDs where I do not own the original? Yes, one CD where I
have the LP and one where I don't (and both are of 30-year old music). Would
I buy as many CDs if I couldn't make copies of them? No.

Sometimes I wonder which planet the RIAA is on.

(My $0.02)


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On Dec 13, 11:12, David Woyciesjes wrote:
> Sellam Ismail wrote:

> I'm like Sellam here. I have bought quite a few CDs, based on
hearing a
> song or two from the album via Napster.
> Granted, I'm one of those people who look for that album in the
> rack first, before resorting to a buying new copy. It is a form of
> recycling; but I wonder what exactly do the record labels think of me
> for that?
> I also believe that new audio CDs are still overpriced. Doesn't
stop me
> from buying one, though, if I can't find a used copy.

If *you* think they're overpriced... I just bought two today, for presents.
 UKP13.99 each, which is just over $22 according to the Universal Currency
Converter. Yet when I look at my colleagues at work listening to CDs, I
see they spend part of the time listening to MP3s, and about half (I guess)
to CDs. Of the CDs, nearly all are original shop-bought, not CD-R copies.
 They have the technology, so that's not why they don't copy stuff.
 There's a difference in quality, and in reliability/robustness, and you
don't get the sleeve notes and graphics with a copy. The students I see
seem to do the same. I don't believe the hype or the wailing and moaning
from the music companies.

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