New finds this week / Cheap to a good home

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 17:19:00 2002

> --- Patrick Finnegan <> wrote:
> > > What brand and model? My Pioneer plays cd's, but it has a cd drawer
> > > within the laserdisc drawer.
> >
> > It's a CLD-V2400. It claims to play LD's CD's and CDV's (CD with Video).
> Ooh! If I didn't already have an LD-V8000 (for playing Dragon's Lair
> and my LD collection), I'd love to have one - I have a Moody Blues
> CD-Video - 4 CDDA audio tracks and one Pioneer-Laser-Disc-style video
> track that only plays in certain players... like the ones you have.
> -ethan

Oh, come on Ethan, you should know the primary rule of having a Laserdisc
collection, you can never have enough players. We've got three players at
home that we use and two more (three if you count the broken one) in storage.

Still, I'm trying to slowly convert the most important LD's in our
collection to DVD-R as I'm worried about bit-rot and the players slowly
dying. Sadly there is stuff on LD that will probably never make it
to DVD (I'd love Anamorphic Widescreen copies of some of our LD's).

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