Interesting Tim O'Reilly article.

From: Wayne M. Smith <>
Date: Fri Dec 13 22:51:00 2002

> Wayne M. Smith said:
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> > You are a rare breed of a bygone age. The college market, for example, a
> > prior mainstay of music sales, is largely gone. At most campus dorms you
> > can get any current album burned by a fellow student for $1.00 plus media.
> > And this is what they do. Why? Well, the money, bolstered by the fact that
> > college campuses are infected by a "nothing is ever really wrong" moral
> > relativism where only a fool would pay an extra $10 for the real thing.
> Really? Where do you get these statistics? Most things I have read
> contradict what you are saying and reinforce the "most people sample then buy"
> assumption. If you have a source for these numbers I would be quite
> interested to read it.
> - Dan Wright
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Unit CD sales were down 10% last year, the first double digit drop ever. Some
argue that there might be reasons contributing to this other than piracy, but
it's pretty hard to ignore the nose on your face. The rest of the evidence is
largely anecdotal as it is essentially impossible to survey a pirate market. A
recent article in the LA Times -- I think on 12/2 -- reported that many college
networks have maxed out on their bandwidth due to massive student downloading of
music files and videos during the evening hours.
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