OT: Re: Re: Interesting Tim O'Reilly article.

From: Stan Pietkiewicz <pietstan_at_rogers.com>
Date: Sat Dec 14 22:56:00 2002

chris wrote:

>>What I'm referring to is the recording industry claiming their sales have
>>dropped. First of all, I want to see hard data to prove this. Second, I
>>want this dat to be from an independent auditor. Lastly, I want an
>>independent analyst to confirm whether this is because of rampant CD
>>copying on college campuses or if it is as a result of the economy.
> I can't link to the report, because I don't recall where I saw it
> (actually, I think I saw it in a local newspaper)... but there was one I
> read recently that did site hard numbers to show that sales of CDs from
> record stores have dropped over the last year (based on sales $$, they
> didn't quote counts, so it could be from lowered prices, but since I
> haven't noticed CD prices going lower, I doubt that). The numbers were of

Or decreased sales couild simply be an indication that there is no
recorded music out there that people are willing to buy (ie: listen to)
because they like it enough to do so. I haven't heard too many acts that
I enjoy enough to go out and buy the CD, but I may just be getting
miserable / picky / cheap in my old age.... ;-})


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