Interesting Tim O'Reilly article.

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sun Dec 15 02:25:00 2002

> One of the good things that happened in the late 50s and 60s was
>that for a time the "Biz" got out of control of an industry that had
>fallen behind the current musical tastes. Whoops, correction made
>by the mid-sixties, and rigid enforcement and standardization of play
>lists brought "pop music" (and R&R for that matter) firmly under their

Don't forget the 70's where FM emerged as a uncontrolled source of music,
and hundreds of small labels sprang up with all sorts of great, or at least
unique, music. Then came the CD and record label control of available
pressing plants killed off all the independents save maybe an eclectic
handful. No this MP3 stuff has them seriously worried about control and
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