Anyone want a UPS?

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Date: Sun Dec 15 07:21:00 2002

On Dec 15, 13:48, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:

> Oh- and the real fun thing is: both one of the current UPS'es, and the
> ones, have ethernet SNMP monitoring.. I can actually ping my UPS:

> which is truly fun :)

Yes, it is. Our "big" UPS (30kVA, 3-phase, for 30 minutes) has that via an
external box, and our "little" UPSs have it built in (USHA cards). And I
get to play^Wlook after them (well, it's a network device, right?) There's
a standard MIB for UPSs with all sorts of useful things in it. Anyone who
has a serial-only UPS should be able to rig something up with the NUT
(Network UPS Tools) software: or by using
something like a Sinetica NetCom box: Every
home should have one ;-)

My main server at home is now on an APC UPS. It didn't used to be, because
it had quite a long uptime when I got that particular UPS, and I didn't
want to spoil that. I was waiting to see it roll past the magic 10000
hours (about 416 days; and no, it's not a PC) to switch it over -- and the
day before that, we had a power cut :-(

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