Multiple VAXen available

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sun Dec 15 15:02:41 2002


Fellow Classiccomp'ers and VAXen-lovers,
	I need to make room. I've got three MicroVAXen in great shape that I want to get out of here. One is a MicroVAX 3 in the BA123 (end table) cabinet with 32MB RAM. I've SCSI-fied it with a Sigma RQD11S card. Said card will handle both disk and tape drives. In fact, this particular machine already has NetBSD (don't remember which version) loaded.
	Second machine: VAX 4000-200 in the skinny tower cabinet. This one also works well, though I don't remember how much memory it has. It had a CMD CQD220 SCSI card in it which has been transferred (by me) to Machine #3, which is...
	A VAX 4000-400 in the 'wide' tower cabinet. Also works well, and I think it's got either 48 or 64 megs RAM.
	ALSO INCLUDED: MicroVAX hardware service manuals, whatever spare DEC'ish boards I have left, etc.
	Here's the deal; I'm located in Kent, WA (southeast of Seattle by about 35 minutes). I don't have the facilities to palletize this stuff or get it shipped, so we're doing LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.
	Because of the SCSI cards, and the fact that there's lots of extras. I'm going to ask a price of $150.00 or best offer for the whole works. YOU PICK UP -- SHIPPING NOT AVAILABLE.
	You can contact me via E-mail at the human-readable address in my signature block. If your reply bounces, use my backup address of kc7gr (a/t) qsl dot net.
	Thanks much.
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